lawyer_dude_ (lawyer_dude_) wrote in toadette,

Toadette in Mario Party 6

I love Toadette. She is so cute. She was the first thing I bought with my stars in Mario Party 6! I hope she appears in more games although I missed her in Paper Mario 2 ;_;

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LOL ha ha. Is that a lamp shade?

And yes, Toadette was the first thing I bought too. A bargin at 30 stars! ^_^
thats nice, you suck, go to hell.
This bitch needs to learn to stop spamming other communities with her gay community plugs.
err.. damnit.. the poster isnt the plugger.. well the plugger sucks, I have nothing against this poster.
maybe you should try not being rude. :\
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March 23 2005, 02:58:28 UTC 11 years ago

i hate that beotch shes an attention hungry idiot and does not look good
And yet rule #5 in this community - No advertising! (However you can become an affiliate - see bellow)

Hypocracy, anyone?
did you buy the "secrets" in mp6?
i didnt realize what they were.. i thought they unlocked stuff, so i bought them.. and upon seeing how worthless they were, me and my boyfriend fell off the couch laughing
toadette is insanely cute but what is with her VOICE?! she sounds like a drag queen "MUSHroom" disturbs me
LOL I think she's got spunk!

I've just bought Mario Party 6 (I live in sucky UK) so I've hardly unlocked any of the stuff in the star bank yet. I'm still getting to gribs with the mic. It's my new toy ^_^


February 16 2009, 23:52:45 UTC 8 years ago

LOL!soooo funny!